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Modern Talking.ru exclusive interview on New Year Eve 2004

Bolafik (Modern Talking.ru): As far as I know you have produced a Phantomas project featuring Thomas Anders. How was it working with Thomas?
Ramon Zenker: It was a great honour and a big pleasure for me to work together with such a professional but very polite and kind singer like Thomas Anders. During the recording he never gave us the feeling that he is a big star. This was all very impressing. 

Bolafik: It is not much known about Phantomas project. Could tell your story about it?
Ramon: I can not remember exactly but I think Andreas Schneider (of Kosmonova) met the manager of Thomas in 1996. Andreas told him about his projects which are mainly Dance-projects and the manager told Andreas that Thomas would love to try some Dance-Tracks. But because of the prejudice of a lot DJs it was not easy to promote a dance track which is sung by Thomas and so Andreas had the idea to start it under the name PHANTOMAS (remember the movies with Louis de Funes?). It's like he acts under a mask - and it also contains his name (TOMAS). And if we had success with this project, we had the plan one day he will put off the mask and - surprise! It's Thomas Anders. But the records didn't work so well and after the second release we stopped the collaboration. I remember another song we recorded which is called "Day After Day" and it was never released but it was a good song and maybe we remix it someday....

Bolafik: Is there any chance to listen to 30 second demo of it?
Ramon: I have to ask Andreas Schneider because I don't have a copy of the master. 

Bolafik: Were you also involved into making Phantomas' "Popcorn" single?
Ramon: No. It's a different project using the same name.

Bolafik: Have you got a picture of you working with Thomas?
Ramon: Unfortunately not.

hopefully to be continued…