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In nineties Thomas stepped onto the dance club scene. One of the first pop-stars he started using DJ's to remix his singles. In 1991 Thomas besides traditional maxi-CD issued a remix of Can't Give You Anything (But My Love), and in 1993 all singles to his album had remixed comrades. Thomas' style developed from High Quality Pop through techno, rave and dub to High Energy House.

In mid-1996 Thomas met several musicians in LA and discussed his musical future and whether he should change his musical style completely. They came to conclusion to try some new tunes.*

Under the nickname Phantomas Thomas was involved into a side-project by the same name and some other dance projects like King of Paradise and Chain Reaction. Together with PHANTOMAS he recorded a couple of singles: a cover of the MADNESS world-hit "Our House" and "No Doubt About It".

* Info from Thomas Anders Fan Club letters 1996.

To read the TEXT: Phantomas - No Doubt About It 
To read the TEXT: Phantomas - Our House

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Listen To The DEMO: Phantomas - No Doubt About It